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We give you the best Majestic SEO metrics including Topical Trust Flow. We even calculate the Trust Ratio for you and provide you with exact link counts.

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You can even connect your ahrefs' account & instantly view the anchor text density ratios of sites without having to leave the search results or the site you're on.

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Get an instant insight into many on-page metrics including Google page speed scores, heading count, word count, keyword density, and much more.

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Now you can instantly see all the best Moz metrics. Easily compare the Moz Trust to the Domain Authority for a much clearer perspective. It's all included!

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Instantly view the traffic stats and ranking keywords for any webpage your on and in the SERPs! All SEMRush traffic & keyword data is included.

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Instantly see the domain age of any site your on! Easily check schema markup test results. Access to your SEO metrics just got a whole lot better.

Tony's testimonial

Sydney SEO Partners

Tony Adams | SEO Specialist

"...To say this tool saves me time is an understatement. The industry has been sorely lacking a tool like this. The transparency and SEO metrics SerpWorx provides is unsurpassed compared to any tool out there .. Amazing!

PRINCIPAL | Sydney SEO Partners

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Charles' testimonial

White Chalk Road

Charles Ryder | SEO Agency Owner

"...Extremely useful for a wide variety of tasks related to our web marketing services such as getting an insight into prospective client websites & in-depth competitor analyses for clients. Very impressed with it...Highly recommended.

CEO | White Chalk Road

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Ross's SerpWorx testimonial

Search Engine Academy

Ross Barefoot | Master Level SEO Instructor

"...This tool is the most useful SERP overlay I've found. It allows for a quick scan of key competitive metrics for the top 10 listings, and now there's a more detailed sidebar. I feel like I can't go back to doing competitive analysis the old way.

SEO TRAINER | Search Engine Academy

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our most common FAQ's

Here are some answers to questions that we are often asked about SerpWorx.

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Can I use SerpWorx on any PC?

Yes, you can use the extension on any computer with your login details. Only 1 simultaneous login is allowed.

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Why was SerpWorx created?

To give you instant visibility of all the best SEO metrics behind the sites in the search results & on any site.

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Is SerpWorx data in real-time?

Yes we fetch the data in real-time from trusted providers such as Majestic SEO, Moz, Ahrefs & SEMrush.

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What browsers does it work on?

The SerpWorx toolbar is available for Chrome browsers. Firefox version will arrive shortly.

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Can I connect my aHrefs account?

Yes you can! To view aHrefs data via SerpWorx you’ll an aHrefs account. You can connect your account in 1 click.

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How do I get started?

Start with a free trial version or get full access for only $29.95 per month. You can be using SerpWorx in under 2 minutes!