Powerful Generic Anchor Text Density Hack

Here's a powerful and effective generic anchor text density hack that can work wonders when you incorporate it into your back-linking strategies. It's safe, powerful, and flies completely under the radar when done correctly.

Interesting perspective on #backlinks & #Anchortext density. Can #keywords flow into generic anchor text?

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Acceptable levels of anchor text density vary greatly from keyword to keyword, and from niche to niche. The easiest way to understand what the acceptable levels of anchor text density are for your target keyword is to simply do a search using SerpWorx.

How to measure the anchor text density of th SERPs

Not all keywords and niches will accept such aggressive anchor text profiles though, just take a look at the below results for the keyword 'mechanic Sydney'.

Four out of the top five sites have a 0% exact match anchor ratio for the main keyword of 'mechanic Sydney'. THis could be Google's way of saying "Don't even think about it!", or it could be an opportunity to push the envelope with some strong exact match anchors.

You can't control what 'real' #backlinks say. #Anchortext density is nothing to worry about if your links are real...

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When I see results like this I never opt to build out a client's back link profile with more than 2% exact match anchors for their main keyword. The results for this keyword search lend themselves perfectly to the ‘generic anchor text hack' that's described in the above video.

Adjusting anchor text ratios

Sculpting your site's anchor text ratios pays huge dividends well into the future. I've used the above hack on many occasions, and I can tell you it's very satisfying to see your sites in the top spots, despite all the sites below you having more aggressive exact match backlink profiles.

When you pepper in a few good partial match links in combination with this generic anchor text hack you can really achieve some nice results. And the icing on the cake is that you never have to worry about that wretched Penguin.

Anchor text rich #backlinks were always powerful. The top 4 sites for 'Web Design NYC' have no exact match links!

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Good Anchor Text Backlinks

In some tough SEO categories in 2021, I have seen anchor text density ratios of up to 50% exact match, yet the sites are still ranking fine. It's usually because these sites have actually earned their links, and they are completely legitimate and natural.

You can't control how sites link to you, and if the majority of sites choose to use the same basic descriptive anchor text when linking to you, then you can imagine how that would drive up your exact match ratios.

I have seen that quite a lot in the wild, and it's something I wouldn't worry about as long as those links are completely natural. You can have as many exact match backlinks as you want, as long as they are good natural links.

On the other side of the coin though, sometimes it just takes a couple of blatant exact match links from a bad PBN and that can drag an entire page down.

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