FTP Filezilla password concept

How to View Your Filezilla FTP Passwords

Here's how you can find and view your Filezilla FTP passwords for any sites you have inside of Filezilla. No need to login to the hosting account and search for your password or change it. Just use this quick fix and you'll be able to access any passwords you have inside of Filezilla.

See Filezilla Password
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List of Must-have WordPress Plug-ins

Whether I'm taking over a client's site or developing a new website from scratch, these plug-ins are my 'must haves' for virtually every WordPress site I manage. These plug-ins help with my SEO, security and usability features. Got any special plug-ins you want to share?

My Must Have Plugins
SerpWorx user guide icon

The SerpWorx User Guide

SerpWorx is the Ultimate Seo tool giving you complete and total transparency as to what the Seo metrics are behind a website. If you have ever wondered what all the metrics mean and how they give you that visibility then this blog gives a breakdown of each and every metric contained with SerpWorx.

SerpWorx User Guide
Anchor text density concept

Discovery of Effective Anchor Text Density Hack

Here's a stealthy way to leverage the power of keyword rich backlinks without the associated risks. By using this with generic anchor text links you can gain ranking boosts for your main keywords without having to have exact match anchor text backlinks. Safe, highly effective, & hardly anyone is doing it!

Anchor Text Density Hack
Domain authority concept

This is Domain Authority Stacking the Fast Way

This is a fantastic way to increase your domain authority. It utilises a powerful and clever 301 workaround and it combines some domain authority stacking. This is a great tiered linking strategy that can provide you with a ton of link juice to boost your sites authority while keeping you safe from penalties.

DA Stacking Method